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Signate Strategic Executive Proteciton


Signate Strategic specializes in immediately and swiftly safeguarding your most valuable assets—your people, property and brand or reputation—from threats of any kind, utilizing expert practitioners, advanced technology solutions and proven strategy. Signate Strategic works with you to identify your organization’s vulnerabilities, discusses the most likely means by which you may be exploited and how you may be targeted in the future by those who may intend to inflict harm. Our goal is to provide clients the peace of mind to focus on their business and control the narrative of their organization.​

Signate Strategic leverages our network of highly skilled protection personnel and long history of success in providing a wealth of experience to corporate clients, law firm and insurance partners, family offices and private clients, educational institutions and non-profit organizations, among others.

Disgruntled former employees, anonymous threat actors, angry clients or customers, bomb threats, infatuated stalkers, workplace violence, corporate espionage, threats of extortion and many other issues pose a threat to individuals and organizations every day. Threats often appear without overt warning. Signate Strategic has the breadth of resources and expertise to analyze risks, identify threat actors or suspects, develop intervention and mitigation strategies and ultimately help you manage and resolve a wide variety of security issues.

Signate Strategic operational security personnel are second to none and each brings decades of top-tier experience and expertise to every client. Signate Strategic’s exacting standards originate with our personnel. At Signate Strategic, we dedicate the world’s best and brightest minds to your operational needs, ensuring you receive expert guidance, services and solutions at all times.

  • Executive Protection

  • Executive Threat Assessment

  • Guard Force Management

  • Armed Security Officers

  • Unarmed Security Officers

  • Security Program Review

  • Outsourced Security Manager/Security Advisor

  • Event Security Planning and Implementation

  • Active Shooter/Workplace Violence Prevention

  • Law Enforcement Officer Services - LEOS

  • High Net Worth Family Protection

  • Threat Management

  • Travel Security

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